[Video] – 3 Things You Must Do To Avoid Lower Back Pain


You’ve been suffering back pain for weeks, months, possibly even years. It comes and goes and usually after a couple of days it settles down, but this time it’s different. It’s just not getting better and it’s stopping you from doing the things you have to do.

More importantly your lower back pain is keeping you from he things you love to do.

You’ve tried stretching and massage which helps at the time, but never really gets to the bottom of it. You’ve taken some painkillers but you know that isn’t the long term solution. What should you do?

Extensive experience tells me some fundamentals must be observed to ensure or lessen the likelihood of low back pain. If you’ve never suffered low back pain, then these same fundamentals will help you avoid it. The checklist below will give you a great place to start.

On today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:

  • What the most common underlying causes of your back pain are and why knowing this is important to successfully overcoming it.
  • The best types of strength exercises for you to overcome and decease the chances of your back pain returning.
  • How often you should be moving on a daily basis and a strategy to help you remember.
  • Why good posture and spinal mechanics are critical to the long-term care of you low back and what you can do to make these changes.

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