The 4 Minute Lower Back Workout for Tradies

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Who’s a Tradie or lives with a Tradie? Maybe neither? But I know one thing for sure, you know one or have used one at some point in your life. Their importance can’t be underestimated, we couldn’t exist as we do without them.

The most common complaint you and I will hear out of their mouths is… ‘Me backs stuffed’ or words to that affect with maybe a few expletives thrown in, haha. While I jest at what they say, their problems are real and unfortunately from experience many don’t do anything about it until ‘the straw has literally broken the camel’s back’.

Is this you or someone you know? Then please share the…..

The 4 Minute Lower Back Workout for Tradies

On today’s episode of Revive TV I will show you (Tradies or Tadies’ loved ones) what I recommend to my patients to help minimize the chance of lower back pain from occurring and to help in recover if it’s already occurred.

A WORD OF CAUTION – If any of these exercises hurt you or make your symptoms worse, or your pain has been longer than 3 months, my strong suggestion is to visit a spinal expert like a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, etc.

In the absence of those things, this little 4 Minute Lower Back Workout for Tradies rocks! Promise it’s only 4 minutes, actually 3 and half minutes if you’re organized.

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