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Why teaching is the most stressful job in the world

Why teaching is the most stressful job in the world

Dramatic headline right? Why teaching is the most stressful job in the world. C’mon you’re kidding right? Well, if you have you ever been guilty of joking how easy teachers have it. Or, ever laughed or scoffed at a teacher’s pain points. You will usually find that your response is almost always around their holidays… Read more »

The REAL reason you can’t deal with stress

REVIVE TV EPISODE #25 Does this sound familiar? “I know I’ve got to deal my stress but I just don’t have time right now, I’ve got too much on. I’ll get to it later.” When does later come? Never, or when it’s too late. In my experience there are a multiple reasons we give for… Read more »

Why Chronic Stress Could Be Killing You (Slowly)

REVIVE TV EPISODE #24 That’s a dramatic headline and sure to drag a few people in! However, I’m very serious, so let me say this slowly & clearly, C H R O N I C  S T R E S S  C O U L D  B E  K I L L I N G … Read more »

Tired of Not Reaching Your Goals? – The One Habit You Keep Avoiding

REVIVE TV EPISODE #23 It’s that time of year when bloggers, lifestyle journalists, business and lifestyle coaches talk about setting goals for the coming year. If it makes you shudder or leaves you feeling overwhelmed (where do I start???) then I’m with you. I even balked initially at talking about this in my first post… Read more »

[Video] 4 Ways to Relieve Stress in Under 10 minutes

REVIVE TV EPISODE #22 We all know that ’emotional’stress plays a negative role in our overall health. We also know that we ‘should’ do something about it. However from my personal experience, finding time to deal with with stress, when you’re already stressed can sometimes make you feel more… stressed:( So, what if I could… Read more »

[Video] Meditation Made Easy

REVIVE TV EPISODE #11 Do you ever struggle with your meditation practice, lose focus, find your mind wandering? Have you tried meditation in the past, but felt unsuccessful, uncomfortable or just not sure why you are doing it? If so, welcome to the world of meditation for rookies (and let’s be honest for some veterans… Read more »

[Video] – Having a Purpose is Good for Brain and Body

REVIVE TV EPISODE #10 Innately we feel better about ourselves when serving others or contributing to a worthy cause. We call this having a purpose or being on purpose. Our self-esteem, our self-image rises and research shows that having a purpose is good for brain and body. The great Indian activist and leader Mahatma Gandhi… Read more »

[Video] – How To Build Self-Esteem (Part 2)

REVIVE TV EPISODE #9 While I was studying everything I could on how to build self-esteem it became clear that ‘having a purpose’ was not only important but also a requirement to optimal mental health. If you were anything like me and struggled for many years trying to find meaning in life, that elusive purpose,… Read more »

[Video] How To Build Self-Esteem (Part 1)

REVIVE TV EPISODE #8 Experience tells me that it is more common for people to speak poorly of themselves and diminish their self-esteem than it is to speak highly of themselves and build self-esteem. The habit is so ingrained, that we are not even sure how or why it started. What we do know is… Read more »