Tired of Not Reaching Your Goals? – The One Habit You Keep Avoiding


It’s that time of year when bloggers, lifestyle journalists, business and lifestyle coaches talk about setting goals for the coming year. If it makes you shudder or leaves you feeling overwhelmed (where do I start???) then I’m with you. I even balked initially at talking about this in my first post of year.

So why have I bothered? Well, firstly I think it’s important to set some intentions/goals. It gives us purpose, clarity and direction of where we want to evolve, grow in our lives. If however, you are completely satisfied and fulfilled with where you are, this may not be important to you.

Are you really satisfied?

The reality; however is that isn’t the case. In actuality you are a little frustrated, overwhelmed that another year on has slipped past you and those intentions/goals where left feeling unfulfilled. You are on the treadmill of life and not sure when it’s going to stop (or how to stop it) so that this year is different. You are tired of not reaching goals?

It’s not even that you didn’t set goals, most people I speak to do in some form or another. There are formal written down clear objectives and others more informal, in our head types.

So while knowing your purpose and setting goals is the first step (and a blog for another day) it’s not in my experience the No. 1 thing holding us back.

So what it is?

Well, in today’s episode of Revive TV we will discover it!

You will also learn:
• The practical step-by-step way to reaching your goals and feeling more fulfilled
• What I personally use to set myself up for success (it’s easy & it’s FREE)
• How doing this will create more time in your week (who doesn’t need that?)
• Why it will make you more productive, more calm and allow you to be more spontaneous.

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