Eating Fat Makes You Skinny



Have you ever had a moment when you realise that what you have been saying or believed for years is suddenly a lie? It’s confronting, sometimes scary and to be honest we usually reject the concept at first. That is, until all the evidence is so strong we can’t push back against it any longer. Well, I had one such moment (along with loads of others) when it came to eating FAT? The truth is eating fat makes you skinny.

However not all fats are equal, we’ll get to that later…

I grew up through the late 70s & 80s, the one thing I continuously remember about food packaging (see marketing) was low-fat, no-fat labelling. Here are some examples from that time – ‘97% fat-free yoghurt’, ‘low-fat’ or ‘skinny’ milk, Diet-Coke. The whole point was to get us to think these were better nutrition choices and that fat was the enemy.

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In fact FAT is not only NOT an enemy, it is nutritionally your best friend. Your enemy in fact is the one ingredient that food manufacturers added to substitute for fat……. SUGAR!!! Funnily enough, the food companies are pretty smart and realise the public are waking up. So what do we see on packaging now? ‘low-carb’, ‘no added sugar’ or my favourite ‘zero sugar’. Coca-Cola and other big brands get this that’s why they push ‘Zero Coke’. People be warned, it’s not better for you, it’s still rubbish, but this is a topic for another day.

Eating fat makes you skinny

I hesitated with the title because it implies that if your Fat you are better being SKINNY. However, that was the message we got sold in the 80s drink ‘Skinny Milk’. What I really want is for you to be a healthy weight and that the best way to get there is to eat Fat and lots of it.

A caution of warning, not all FATS are made equal!!!

On today’s episode of Revive TV you learn:
• Why fat has been the most vilified nutrient in last 70 years
• The Top 10 Fat foods you must consume
• Which fats most to avoid
• Why the kilos will fall off you by eating this nutrient

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