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6 Immune Boosting Secrets For Kids

  6 Immune Boosting Secrets For Kids Any time winter comes around it seems like sniffling and sneezing children aren’t far behind. There’s nothing like extra sleep loss, sick days and grumpy kids to make us long for the summer sun. Here are 6 tips to give your child that boost they need to bulletproof… Read more »

The 4 Minute Lower Back Workout for Tradies

REVIVE TV EPISODE #31 Who’s a Tradie or lives with a Tradie? Maybe neither? But I know one thing for sure, you know one or have used one at some point in your life. Their importance can’t be underestimated, we couldn’t exist as we do without them. The most common complaint you and I will… Read more »

The 5 Biggest Back Pain Myths

REVIVE TV EPISODE #30 Chronic back pain sufferers… When is the pain going to end? Why does it get better, but come back again, usually worse than the last time? Why is that treatment (chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, etc…) helps but doesn’t resolve it? We’ll tell you today as we break down the 5 Biggest Back… Read more »

Parental Warning – Tech Neck Changes Your Kids’ Spines (& Health)

> REVIVE TV EPISODE #29 As parents of two primary school aged children my wife, Dr Vanessa and I are in a constant battle in our house over how much technology (screen) time our kids have. Sound familiar?? There is the obvious addictive nature of it that we want to avoid (even for adults, get… Read more »

Eating Fat Makes You Skinny

> REVIVE TV EPISODE #28 Have you ever had a moment when you realise that what you have been saying or believed for years is suddenly a lie? It’s confronting, sometimes scary and to be honest we usually reject the concept at first. That is, until all the evidence is so strong we can’t push… Read more »

6 Nutritional Lies Making Reservoir Sick and Fat

REVIVE TV EPISODE #26 Nutrition is a central component to your health whether you pay attention to it or not our community is subject to the same lies that continue to make the rest of the world sick and fat. Discover the 6 Nutritional Lies Making Reservoir Sick and Fat. Each one of these myths… Read more »

Why teaching is the most stressful job in the world

Why teaching is the most stressful job in the world

Dramatic headline right? Why teaching is the most stressful job in the world. C’mon you’re kidding right? Well, if you have you ever been guilty of joking how easy teachers have it. Or, ever laughed or scoffed at a teacher’s pain points. You will usually find that your response is almost always around their holidays… Read more »

The REAL reason you can’t deal with stress

REVIVE TV EPISODE #25 Does this sound familiar? “I know I’ve got to deal my stress but I just don’t have time right now, I’ve got too much on. I’ll get to it later.” When does later come? Never, or when it’s too late. In my experience there are a multiple reasons we give for… Read more »

Why Chronic Stress Could Be Killing You (Slowly)

REVIVE TV EPISODE #24 That’s a dramatic headline and sure to drag a few people in! However, I’m very serious, so let me say this slowly & clearly, C H R O N I C  S T R E S S  C O U L D  B E  K I L L I N G … Read more »