6 Nutritional Lies Making Reservoir Sick and Fat


Nutrition is a central component to your health whether you pay attention to it or not our community is subject to the same lies that continue to make the rest of the world sick and fat. Discover the 6 Nutritional Lies Making Reservoir Sick and Fat.

Each one of these myths are embedded as cultural norms and accepted as “the standard” when it comes to nutritional decision making. Without ever considering the impact of your food choices on how your body functions, you’re left to pay the price for what are often believed to be solid and smart decisions.

Sadly these decisions are playing a major role in the declining health status of our community in Reservoir and the surrounding areas. The consequences will continue to be far reaching and long lasting.

Each one of these lies could be  full and detailed blog posts. But for now, let me create some mental chaos by giving you some food for thought.

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Everything in Moderation

This saying is repeated by almost everyone who struggles with the consistency it takes to see results in any area. With nutrition it is the primary rationalisation for eating just about anything someone wants to without acknowledging the repercussions.

No, some foods are just plain bad for you, full stop!!!!! Furthermore, we believe we are getting away with eating these foods because the repercussions are not obviously immediate.

Why do most lifestyle diseases like Type II diabetes and  heart disease start in our 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s? It’s not the small amount of fried fatty food you ate yesterday that has caused your heart disease. It’s the accumulation on poor lifestyle choices over time that lead to these health states.

So sorry, not everything in moderation – it still has consequences.

Meat is Bad For Health

Firstly not all meat is equal. The quality of meat from Grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free breed animals is very different from animals that are raised on grains and given antibiotics and hormones. You consume what they consume.

Secondly, processed meats are altered and loose most of the nutritional value they once had. Furthermore, when coupled with additives to preserve them, the meat you consume no longer resembles what it once was.

It has been shown that unprocessed meat has no significant association with cardiovascular disease or type II diabetes and is the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

On today’s episode of Revive TV you will discover:
• The other 4 lies making you and your family sick and fat
• How to source quality meat that is nutritious for your family
• Where to uncover the real truth about food
• The first action steps to take to set you up for (nutritional) success

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