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The 4 Minute Lower Back Workout for Tradies

REVIVE TV EPISODE #31 Who’s a Tradie or lives with a Tradie? Maybe neither? But I know one thing for sure, you know one or have used one at some point in your life. Their importance can’t be underestimated, we couldn’t exist as we do without them. The most common complaint you and I will… Read more »

The 5 Biggest Back Pain Myths

REVIVE TV EPISODE #30 Chronic back pain sufferers… When is the pain going to end? Why does it get better, but come back again, usually worse than the last time? Why is that treatment (chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, etc…) helps but doesn’t resolve it? We’ll tell you today as we break down the 5 Biggest Back… Read more »

Parental Warning – Tech Neck Changes Your Kids’ Spines (& Health)

> REVIVE TV EPISODE #29 As parents of two primary school aged children my wife, Dr Vanessa and I are in a constant battle in our house over how much technology (screen) time our kids have. Sound familiar?? There is the obvious addictive nature of it that we want to avoid (even for adults, get… Read more »

[Video] – 5 Signs Your Headaches Are Coming From Your Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #19 If you’re a headache suffer, then one of the most common questions you most likely have is “What is causing my headaches”. Is it stress, is it reaction to foods, is it hormonal, is it my neck? The answer is usually multi-factorial and as a chiropractor I’ve seen my fair share… Read more »

[Video] 4 Best Exercises to Overcome Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #18 If you’re reading this then I apologise, I’m probably contributing to the fastest growing concern in our practice – Tech Neck. More and more people are suffering with symptoms associated with Tech Neck. Tech Neck is the constant position of your head and neck in a forward and flexed position. Most… Read more »

[Video] 5 Simple Steps to Avoid Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #17 I’d like you to think about the amount of time you spend looking at a screen. In fact you’re doing it right now! How is your head and neck is positioned? Let me assume your like almost everyone else I know and I’m probably right in saying, it’s forward and flexed?… Read more »

[Video] The 2 Causes of ALL Neck Pain

REVIVE TV EPISODE #16 All neck problems stem from the problem. Whether, you have arthritis, a disc bulge or herniation, muscle tension and stiffness, a ligament sprain or strain, a sensory problems like tingling, numbness or temperature change, there are only 2 causes of neck pain. 1) Trauma or; 2) Poor posture The one outcome… Read more »

[Video] Sorry, But Sitting Doesn’t Cause Lower Back Pain

REVIVE TV EPISODE #7 In the last few years negative side affects of ‘sitting for too long’ have been highlighted by many in healthcare world (including this author). We’ve all heard or used the phrases “sitting is the new smoking” or “sitting too long cause lower back pain”. What do you think when you hear… Read more »

[Video] How Poor Posture Can Cause Lower Back Pain

REVIVE TV EPISODE #6 Paying attention to maintaining good posture will result in you looking and feeling better. However, and perhaps even more importantly, you will most likely function better as well. Today though we look at how poor posture can cause lower back pain. You will most likely at some point in your life… Read more »

[Video] – 3 Things You Must Do To Avoid Lower Back Pain

REVIVE TV EPISODE #5 You’ve been suffering back pain for weeks, months, possibly even years. It comes and goes and usually after a couple of days it settles down, but this time it’s different. It’s just not getting better and it’s stopping you from doing the things you have to do. More importantly your lower… Read more »