[Video] The 2 Causes of ALL Neck Pain


All neck problems stem from the problem. Whether, you have arthritis, a disc bulge or herniation, muscle tension and stiffness, a ligament sprain or strain, a sensory problems like tingling, numbness or temperature change, there are only 2 causes of neck pain.

1) Trauma or;
2) Poor posture

The one outcome that results from both is poor spinal mechanics, that is, the way your neck moves.
These these two causes can also co-exist. Trauma for example, can and usually does lead to altered spinal mechanics, and then as the poor spinal mechanics continue postural changes of the neck follow.

The same is true in reverse, as you develop a poor posture the spinal mechanics change. These changes cause grinding of the vertebral joints (bones of the spine) rather than a nice gliding motion. The grinding then leads to microscopic degenerative change, over time left unresolved this can worsen, the result? Trauma

“90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine”

– 1981 Noble prize winner Dr Roger Sperry.

How profound is that? Think about this for a moment. The Brain controls every function of our body. The Brain’s health is determined by how well the spine moves. Our overall health is then determined in no small part by how healthy our spines are.

So, is it important to resolve underlying, unresolved neck trauma and/or poor posture?
In today’s episode of Revive TV we discuss:

• The 2 causes of neck pain and the one outcome that comes from both
• The importance of having good curves in your cervical spine.
• What you should do first to get this problem resolved.

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