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[Video] – 5 Signs Your Headaches Are Coming From Your Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #19 If you’re a headache suffer, then one of the most common questions you most likely have is “What is causing my headaches”. Is it stress, is it reaction to foods, is it hormonal, is it my neck? The answer is usually multi-factorial and as a chiropractor I’ve seen my fair share… Read more »

[Video] 4 Best Exercises to Overcome Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #18 If you’re reading this then I apologise, I’m probably contributing to the fastest growing concern in our practice – Tech Neck. More and more people are suffering with symptoms associated with Tech Neck. Tech Neck is the constant position of your head and neck in a forward and flexed position. Most… Read more »

[Video] The 2 Causes of ALL Neck Pain

REVIVE TV EPISODE #16 All neck problems stem from the problem. Whether, you have arthritis, a disc bulge or herniation, muscle tension and stiffness, a ligament sprain or strain, a sensory problems like tingling, numbness or temperature change, there are only 2 causes of neck pain. 1) Trauma or; 2) Poor posture The one outcome… Read more »