[Video] – 5 Signs Your Headaches Are Coming From Your Neck


If you’re a headache suffer, then one of the most common questions you most likely have is “What is causing my headaches”.

Is it stress, is it reaction to foods, is it hormonal, is it my neck?

The answer is usually multi-factorial and as a chiropractor I’ve seen my fair share of headache sufferers. Those patients that I’m most able to help best are those with Cervico-genic headaches.

What are cervicogenic headaches you ask? Put simply they are headaches whose origin begin in the neck.

In practice we are able to determine if your headaches are cervicogenic in origin by simply taking a thorough case history and then if deemed appropriate perform a series of specific and relevant test that allow us to establish a diagnosis. It takes out the guess work.

However what if you can’t get to health a professional who specializes in cervicogenc headaches immediately. Well, there are some common signs and signals that may just help you.

In today’s episode of Revive TV you will:
• Discover the 5 signs your headaches are coming from your neck.
• Learn why proper movement of your cervical spine is critical.
• Find out the number one thing you must do if you suspect cervicogenic headaches.
• Identify the most likely causes of your underlying neck problem.

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