Parental Warning – Tech Neck Changes Your Kids’ Spines (& Health)



As parents of two primary school aged children my wife, Dr Vanessa and I are in a constant battle in our house over how much technology (screen) time our kids have. Sound familiar?? There is the obvious addictive nature of it that we want to avoid (even for adults, get on any suburban train and observe) and then there is the emotional outbursts that come when it’s taken away. In our house we call it…. iRage!!!

However if you’re a parent, or considering being a parent there is another major health factor to consider and that is – Tech Neck.

So what is Tech Neck?

A lot has been written on this topic and has now become a familiar term. Essentially it is neck pain associated with having your head forward and looking down from using technology or devices for long periods.

However pain, is the last sign you have a problem. By then the mechanics of your neck have already changed and started affecting you. Furthermore, depending on how long it takes for your body’s innate response to tell you there is problem –PAIN, will determine how long or how much damage has occurred.

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So why am I talking about kids when this affects everyone? Well the access to smart phones, tablets and the like are accessible to our kids from birth.

In our house we have resisted having our kids owning their own devices until this point, but pressure is ever present. I’m mean technology isn’t evil, it can give a child a sense of independence. The reality is you’re probably reading/watching this from your smart phone, tablet or maybe a laptop. As I write this my head is a less than ideal position, hmmm.

Parents be warned – Tech Neck changes your kids spine (& health).

These young, not yet fully developed spines are susceptible to early degenerative change. What’s even more problematic is that it appears in most cases, that pain signals in children takes longer than in adults. Meaning we are missing critical time to address and stop it becoming a problem later.

Today on Revive TV learn:
• Why maintaining a healthy neck improves your child’s long-term health
• Why degeneration can occur at an early age and signs you need to observe.
• The importance of keeping a ‘healthy’ neck (cervical) curve.
• What you as a parent can do to help offset this problem and prevent challenges for your kids in the future.

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