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Parental Warning – Tech Neck Changes Your Kids’ Spines (& Health)

> REVIVE TV EPISODE #29 As parents of two primary school aged children my wife, Dr Vanessa and I are in a constant battle in our house over how much technology (screen) time our kids have. Sound familiar?? There is the obvious addictive nature of it that we want to avoid (even for adults, get… Read more »

[Video] 4 Best Exercises to Overcome Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #18 If you’re reading this then I apologise, I’m probably contributing to the fastest growing concern in our practice – Tech Neck. More and more people are suffering with symptoms associated with Tech Neck. Tech Neck is the constant position of your head and neck in a forward and flexed position. Most… Read more »

[Video] 5 Simple Steps to Avoid Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #17 I’d like you to think about the amount of time you spend looking at a screen. In fact you’re doing it right now! How is your head and neck is positioned? Let me assume your like almost everyone else I know and I’m probably right in saying, it’s forward and flexed?… Read more »