[Video] 5 Simple Steps to Avoid Tech Neck


I’d like you to think about the amount of time you spend looking at a screen. In fact you’re doing it right now!

How is your head and neck is positioned? Let me assume your like almost everyone else I know and I’m probably right in saying, it’s forward and flexed? Was I right?

If you have pain associated with this head position you probably have what is referred to as Tech Neck.

Having your neck in this position while on your handheld device or laptop places your neck in a very vulnerable position.

Over long periods of time of maintaining this forward head posture it’s likely to lead to some problems. These can include, musculo-skeletal problems, like muscle strains and disc injuries, to nerve impingement and arthritic changes of the neck. What can go undetected and hence most important in my mind, is the effects it has on your nervous system and ultimately your function.

Remember, the brain (master controller) and nervous system control EVERY bodily function, meaning your brain health is critical to your health.

Originally termed “text neck”, the new term Tech Neck highlights the fact that it’s not just texting anymore. The time we spend looking at screens has the potential for damaging the neck and our health.

On today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:
• 5 simple steps to prevent tech neck
• Why it’s important to your child’s health to monitor their screen time.
• How Forward Head Posture (FHP) affects your productivity?
• What to do if neck pain occurs while you are on a screen

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