[Video] 4 Best Exercises to Overcome Tech Neck


If you’re reading this then I apologise, I’m probably contributing to the fastest growing concern in our practice – Tech Neck.

More and more people are suffering with symptoms associated with Tech Neck. Tech Neck is the constant position of your head and neck in a forward and flexed position. Most commonly, you will be doing this while on your smart devices or laptop. Ever done this?

Left unattended, tech neck can turn into serious chronic pain or permanent osteo-arthritic changes to your spine.

There are significant challenges with addressing tech neck as a chiropractor. Most people who present to us tell us that their neck pain came on slowly. That initially, they could bear it and the medications seemed to help. Recently however, the pain has become constant and won’t go away and our challenge as chiropractors is – That it’s already become a major problem.

The research tells us that in cases of non-specific onset of pain (i.e. no direct trauma), that the underlying damage to the tissues has been progressing for at least 3 months before the brain registers a pain signal. What does that mean for those people who have had their symptoms for at least 3, 6 or even 12 months?

It takes as little as 14-15 days of improper movement in your spine for potential permanent, irreversible osteo-arthritic changes to occur.

Proper posture and spinal mechanics are keys to avoiding the negative effects of tech neck on your spine and overall health.

In today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:
• 4 steps to overcoming tech neck that will restore your posture.
• Why pain is the last indicator you have a problem with your neck.
• The one thing you must do if you suspect you have Tech Neck.
• Why children are so susceptible to Teck Neck and what you should do.

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