[Video] How Poor Posture Can Cause Lower Back Pain


Paying attention to maintaining good posture will result in you looking and feeling better. However, and perhaps even more importantly, you will most likely function better as well. Today though we look at how poor posture can cause lower back pain.

You will most likely at some point in your life suffer back pain of some description. An estimated 80% of all Australians will experience differing levels of lower back pain. These pains can be caused by sports related trauma, falls or accidents and some are born with, like some forms of scoliosis.

However, the large majority of lower back pain symptoms are caused by repetitive actions. These actions we can encounter in our work, home or active lives. Maybe it’s from sitting on our couch or in front of a computer for too long. Maybe it might be the way we lift or carry something that produces muscle and joint tension.

The good news is there is a simple and effective thing we can address to take care of most of this – good posture.

Good posture is the most effective way to limit your lower back pain

On today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:

• What good posture is and how it benefits lower back pain and your overall well-being.
• 10 signs that might indicate your posture may be contributing to your low back pain.
• The best strategy for overcoming posture problems once and for all.


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