Why Chronic Stress Could Be Killing You (Slowly)

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That’s a dramatic headline and sure to drag a few people in! However, I’m very serious, so let me say this slowly & clearly, C H R O N I C  S T R E S S  C O U L D  B E  K I L L I N G  Y O U !

How can that be? We’ll get to that in today’s video.

First of all, I want to make something really, really clear – STRESS IS NOT BAD. The Stress response in our bodies is a very normal, efficient and effective cascade of events. These events are caused by the environment and our lifestyle choices, furthermore, the body never makes mistakes it’s us humans who do!

The question then arises – How can something as normal as the ‘Stress response’ be so harmful? Well, to understand that we need to discuss the two different types of stress:

1. Eustress (Good Stress) – Eustress is experienced in short moments, like exercise, skydiving and delivering a presentation etc. These have a positive impact on us and our health.

2. Distress (Bad Stress) – We’ve all heard of distress and experienced it. This could be due to the loss of a job or relationship break up, to financial troubles or self-esteem issues are some examples.

Distress is the type of stress most of us are talking about when we mention, “I’m so stressed”. Finding strategies to deal with this stress is key to unlocking the negative side effects.

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However, it goes deeper than that again and on today’s episode of Revive TV you’ll discover:

• The difference between acute and chronic stress and how to know which state you’re in.
• A deep understanding of the physiological changes your body goes through in the stress response.
• The leading diseases killing you slowly – You might have them already.
• How our current Health Care System fails you in truly overcoming these challenges and what to do about it.

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