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Tired of Not Reaching Your Goals? – The One Habit You Keep Avoiding

REVIVE TV EPISODE #23 It’s that time of year when bloggers, lifestyle journalists, business and lifestyle coaches talk about setting goals for the coming year. If it makes you shudder or leaves you feeling overwhelmed (where do I start???) then I’m with you. I even balked initially at talking about this in my first post… Read more »

[Video] 4 Ways to Relieve Stress in Under 10 minutes

REVIVE TV EPISODE #22 We all know that ’emotional’stress plays a negative role in our overall health. We also know that we ‘should’ do something about it. However from my personal experience, finding time to deal with with stress, when you’re already stressed can sometimes make you feel more… stressed:( So, what if I could… Read more »

[Video] – The 5 Requirements to Optimal Health – Part 2

REVIVE TV EPISODE #21 This is controversial, however in the western world we look at HEALTH from the wrong perspective. What? Rather than ask what do we require to be healthy? We ask how do we avoid getting sick or have ill-health? Worse still, we make false assumptions that if we aren’t sick/injured we are… Read more »

[Video] The 5 Requirements to Optimal Health (Part 1)

REVIVE TV EPISODE #20 I’m often asked by my patients, “What caused my (insert problem)?” or “Why has it (insert problem) just started now?” They want to get to the bottom of the problem and address the thing that caused it. However finding a single cause can be at times like trying to find a… Read more »

[Video] – 5 Signs Your Headaches Are Coming From Your Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #19 If you’re a headache suffer, then one of the most common questions you most likely have is “What is causing my headaches”. Is it stress, is it reaction to foods, is it hormonal, is it my neck? The answer is usually multi-factorial and as a chiropractor I’ve seen my fair share… Read more »

[Video] 4 Best Exercises to Overcome Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #18 If you’re reading this then I apologise, I’m probably contributing to the fastest growing concern in our practice – Tech Neck. More and more people are suffering with symptoms associated with Tech Neck. Tech Neck is the constant position of your head and neck in a forward and flexed position. Most… Read more »

[Video] 5 Simple Steps to Avoid Tech Neck

REVIVE TV EPISODE #17 I’d like you to think about the amount of time you spend looking at a screen. In fact you’re doing it right now! How is your head and neck is positioned? Let me assume your like almost everyone else I know and I’m probably right in saying, it’s forward and flexed?… Read more »

[Video] The Best Organic Shops in Melbourne (Well, Northern Suburbs…)

Top 5 Organic Food Shops In Melbourne Get the low down on the best organic food shops in Melbourne. We’ve found the places that can not only save you time and money but reward you with fantastic experiences as well. We look forward to helping you and you family move towards greater health. Thanks, your… Read more »