[Video] The Best Organic Shops in Melbourne (Well, Northern Suburbs…)

Top 5 Organic Food Shops In Melbourne

Get the low down on the best organic food shops in Melbourne.

We’ve found the places that can not only save you time and money but reward you with fantastic experiences as well.

We look forward to helping you and you family move towards greater health.

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Do you see organic foods as an unnecessary or overpriced expense? Or do you see them as a major investment in yours and your family’s health?

Imagine if you never had to make that distinction. What if you could buy great, fresh organic foods at conventional food prices? Imagine if there were a multitude of options to buy from and not some far flung place that you can’t find or takes you an hour to get to.

Well, we have found a few hidden gems in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and we want to share them with you. All of the places we recommend are really price competitive and have a wide range of all goods from fruit and veg, dry goods, health and personal care products and even some thing for your favourite family pet.

On this week’s episode you will learn:

  • The best 4 organic shops in the northern suburbs of Melbourne that will make organic shopping enjoyable and easy for you.
  • A fantastic new online option, that will not only save you time but with prices that are as competitive as your local store.
  • The best place to take the kids to experience more than just organic food. We are talking free range chickens, green space and even live music.


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