[Video] 4 Ways to Relieve Stress in Under 10 minutes


We all know that ’emotional’stress plays a negative role in our overall health. We also know that we ‘should’ do something about it. However from my personal experience, finding time to deal with with stress, when you’re already stressed can sometimes make you feel more… stressed:( So, what if I could show you 4 Ways to Relieve Stress in Under 10 minutes per day. Would that be useful?

If the above statement about not having ‘time’ to work through your stress resonates, then you’re definitely going to benefit from my tips.

What’s more, when I say 10 minutes, I mean 10 minutes, not 11, not 12, I mean 10!!! Disclaimer – If you wish to do more, there are no known negative side-effects:). In this time frame you will be able to create a circuit break in your mind. You see, we have to ask ourselves what are the thoughts that we are having that is creating our stress?

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Simple – It’s either fear or anxiety about a future situation or regret, guilt or anger about a past experience. That is it. So the solution is simple, the application sometimes challenging!

Solution – Take action that moves your mind out of either past or future thought and centres you into the NOW. You can do this simply as I’ll show you 4 Ways to Relieve Stress in Under 10 minutes per day!

On today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:

• How green space creates calm and serenity in our system
• Easy methods to practice meditation that will leave you wanting to do it more.
• Which form of exercise is best for de-stressing and how to do it.
• A bonus 5th way to relieve stress, that most us could do with more of:)

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