Overcome Fatigue, Regain Your Energy – The Best Health Investment You’ll Ever Make


You need to understand this and you need to understand this fast. Your health and your energy depend upon it. The INVESTMENT is well worth it, so….

Overcome fatigue, regain your energy…

As an active chiropractor in practice I see people for a whole range of different problems. However, the single most common complaints are musculo-skeletal. “I have lower back pain” OR “I have constant ache in my neck and head” are some of the dialogues I hear.

When I press further on their general health, like how other body systems are functioning or how they feel , the number one response without question is….. FATIGUED

Tired all of the time. Are you tired all of the time? Or ask yourself this question do you get easily distracted or lack ‘motivation’ regularly?

Well it might just come down to what you eat, more specifically the QUALITY of what you eat.

First however, let’s remember there are 5 requirements to OPTIMAL HEALTH – Move Well, Think Well, Rest Well, Proper Functioning Nervous System (what chiropractors help with) and EAT WELL.

Within each of these Requirements, there are further requirements, steps so to speak to achieve them successfully. Today we are going to touch on ONE requirement within the EAT WELL process. There are 10 in total which we will teach in our upcoming seminar Inspired Eating – shameless plug, did I mention it was FREE.

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EAT WELL requirement No. 1 – Eat Real Foods – BUY ORGANIC.

When it came to changing my energy, not only what I ate was important, however the quality of what I ate was as well. Remember the old adage, ‘You are what you eat’? Well, it’s not just some throwaway line – It’s FACT!!!!

Hey, I know the first thing you going to say, I hear it all the time, I’ll admit I did it too. “Buying organic food is too EXPENSIVE and INCONVENIENT”. Before I leave you to watch today’s must watch episode of Revive TV let me say this.

Organic food is not an EXPENSE, it is an INVESTMENT in your now and future self (and perhaps your family). The conversation you are having with yourself needs to change:

So today you will learn:
• Why organic food is a MUST investment in your future self (and your families).
• Where and how to source, quality, affordable and convenient produce.
• The 3 keys to making this new habit sustainable and stress-free.
• Why ORGANIC FOOD helps beat the fatigue blues and increases your energy.

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