[Video] – How To Build Self-Esteem (Part 2)

how to build self esteem


While I was studying everything I could on how to build self-esteem it became clear that ‘having a purpose’ was not only important but also a requirement to optimal mental health.

If you were anything like me and struggled for many years trying to find meaning in life, that elusive purpose, you’ll know what I mean. You think you’re the only person finding it hard, almost impossible to achieve.

Maybe you’re still there. Relax we have got you covered.

The greatest benefit of purpose is it gives you direction, a place or places to head. It brings you back on track when you start to stray and get distracted. Purpose brings order and cohesion into our sometimes chaotic lives.

However purpose is not our discussion today, but what it represents is our discussion – better self-esteem.

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As human-beings we separate ourselves from other animals by our ability to consciously live and make decisions.
This ability to think has great benefits, but like anything with benefits there are some potential draw backs.

We can choose to think positively, hopefully or abundantly about our lives. Conversely we can choose to think negatively, despairingly or with scarcity.

In which of these states do you believe someone with a healthy self-esteem lives mainly? It’s obvious, right? In a state of positivity, hopefulness and abundance. When we choose these states we see the

Purpose is a key requirement to a healthy self-esteem.

Self-esteem is determined by what that ‘little’ voice inside your head is saying to you.

Master the little voice, you’ll master your life – know your purpose!

On today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:

• Why knowledge is important, but practice is a requirement.
• The difference between being pushy and self-assertive and how it wins you respect.
• Your personal integrity is more important to you than how much integrity someone thinks you have.
• How to master the little voice inside your head, so it works for you!

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