[Video] How To Build Self-Esteem (Part 1)

how to build self esteem


Experience tells me that it is more common for people to speak poorly of themselves and diminish their self-esteem than it is to speak highly of themselves and build self-esteem.

The habit is so ingrained, that we are not even sure how or why it started. What we do know is that we have become so good at it that the thoughts are pretty much automatic.

I mean, why wouldn’t you be good at it? After all, you’ve practiced and practiced and practiced and like any skill or habit you train, you’ve perfected it.

When you think of your family, your friends, the people you really love. Do you think poorly of them or highly? Highly, obviously. Have you ever told any of them how great they are? How they make your life better? Of course you have.

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What if that same person was to speak poorly about themselves, would you probably sympathise with them first, then tell them how great they are to you? You would, because you see the wonder in them which they are missing?

Flip that situation; you’re the loved one speaking poorly of yourself, dimishing your self-esteem. Along comes a good friend who tries to build you up, who loves you. Do you feel better? Perhaps momentarily. Does the feeling last? No, it’s like a hot shower it only feels good for as long as the person says it or you’re in their company.

Why is that?

It’s because building our own self-esteem and self-worth is more important and of greater substance to us, than what anyone else can say. Master your mind and you’ll master your life.

We all want to think and say nice things about ourselves but at the same time not feel like we are big noting ourselves. That’s because it is a REQUIREMENT (not a need) of optimal health in all humans.

If you want to be optimally healthy then you must PRACTICE the art of building self-esteem. Practice is the key word.

    On today’s episode of Revive TV you will learn:

  • How to stop going through your life in a blur and how to take ‘conscious’ control of your life.
  • That accepting where your life is right now, is the only way to improve it going forward, period!
  • The power of taking ‘conscious’ responsibility for your actions and how that builds self-integrity.

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