[Video] Meditation Made Easy


Do you ever struggle with your meditation practice, lose focus, find your mind wandering? Have you tried meditation in the past, but felt unsuccessful, uncomfortable or just not sure why you are doing it? If so, welcome to the world of meditation for rookies (and let’s be honest for some veterans as well). Fear not though, as today we will walk you through meditation made easy.

I struggled for years to implement consistent meditation into my ‘well-being’ routine. Part of me wasn’t really sure why I should do it, part of me would say I just don’t have time just to sit around doing nothing. What not even 10 minutes, crazy right?

One thing I know for sure after years of meditation practice and working with our practice members at Revive Chiropractic is that no-one initially finds meditation easy. I had an unrealistic expectation of what ‘should’happen when I meditate and if that didn’t happen I just wasn’t good at.

However, how much time and how much practice have you spent on other things you have mastered in your life? When you first learn to read or write, did you do it perfectly? When you first drove a car did you feel in total control and at ease? Clearly the answer is no. So why would any new challenge or habit, like meditation be any different? It’s not.

Meditation is a practice of inner self-awareness and self observation.

Meditation takes us out of our past where guilt and regret can strangle us, and out of the future where fear and resignation can weigh us down like a ball and chain.

Today on Revive TV you will also learn:

  • Why meditation is beneficial to both your physical and mental weigh being
  • Why chronic pain sufferers must make meditation part of their rehabilitation
  • What chronic stress really does to the body and how to beat it.
  • The 7 step guide to mediation made easy.
  • Why guided meditation might be the answer for you – click here for examples of free guided meditations.

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