[Video] Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Organic

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Have you made a decision one way or the other about organic foods? Are your reasons for choosing or not choosing organics been well explored and researched or are they just a gut feel?

Wouldn’t it be great if you just knew the facts so that you could make an educated and unemotional decision either way?

So with that objective in mind we compiled our Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Organics. What was most interesting in the researching of this article was that there were 2 recurrent themes that continued to show themselves; the health benefits and the environmental benefits.

Can we separate our health from our environment or our environment from our health? We believe that the 2 concepts are so intertwined that you can’t have one without the other. In other words, Can you be truly healthy in an unhealthy environment and vice versa can you be unhealthy in a healthy environment. The logical answer is no.

Think about your OWN body as its OWN environment. If you nurture it well, feed it the foods it needs, move the way the body was designed, think in an optimistic way and ensure your brain-body connection is optimal, would you be more likely to be healthy or unhealthy? HEALTHY, of course.

Conversely, if the opposite were true, where you ate lots of fast food, lived a sedentary lifestyle, had negative relationships and your nervous system wasn’t functioning well. If you weren’t nurturing your environment how would health look? POOR, obviously.

So how you treat your internal & external environment is going to have a direct impact on your health.

In this episode of Revive TV learn:

  • Why organic foods have more nutrients in them than conventional foods… it’s all about the soil.
  • The main reason why Australians are spending over $2bn per year on organic produce.
  • The environmental benefits to organic farming and how you help leave a better footprint on our planet
  • Why buying organic foods should be seen as an INVESTMENT and not an expense.

You want to make a decision one way or another about organic food? Then you are going to want to watch this video.

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