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[Video] Top 5 Alternatives For Wheat

REVIVE TV EPISODE #15 Wheat gets a bad rap and from my experiences rightly so. Wheat is a non-essential food that has been linked to many health challenges. These effects can be subtle but immediate like feeling bloated, gassy, tired and flat. In addition, it can lead to much more serious illnesses like diabetes and… Read more »

[Video] Is Wheat Bad For You?

REVIVE TV EPISODE #14 I’ve grown up eating foods with wheat in them my whole life. My health is relatively good so why would I need to change my eating habits? So, is wheat is bad for you? In addition who says so, why do they say it and what should I do? Dr William… Read more »

[Video] 7 Ways To Improve Gut Health

REVIVE TV EPISODE #13 The balance and cohesion of the bowel flora in your gut is undoubtedly critical to your body performing optimally. Your body’s ability to properly digest, absorb and utilise the food (proper food) you eat will greatly affect your health one way or the other. Here we share 7 ways to improve… Read more »